About us

We am to be the leading Transport and catering company in south Africa and abroad by providing leading edge, permanent and valuable solutions to our clients.


 Care: prioritizing the safety and well-being of employees above all else and ensuring they have the necessary tools and training to carry out their work safely and effectively. Caring for our customers and stakeholders through striving for delivery excellence that involves being on-time and in budget. Caring for the environment by minimizing the potential negative impacts on our activities.
 Integrity: Being consistent in our actions, adhering to our core values and conducting our business undertakings honestly, openly, directly and ethically.
 Respect: Taking care of the environment in which we operate and treating employees with trust and dignity.
 Accountability: Taking full responsibility for all our actions and being fully transparent in our activities.
 Commitment: Ensuring that we deliver on our promises through hard work and dedication in the task undertaken.


 To support infrastructure delivery through our core competency of Transport and catering and construction, and trough the provision of selected construction products and operations.
 To make a top quality contribution in services provided and contributing in the building of our economy
 To conduct operations in a sustainable way.
 To create awareness amongst the target market and subsequently gain a foothold in the South African market
 To increase sales through effective marketing and management.
 To create customer satisfaction through product and service excellence.
 To create job opportunities and to develop and empower employees.
 To become a major and trusted business within the industry.
 To successfully and consistently grow the business and the thereby create values for it’s shareholders and provide a healthy return on investment.